“After many years of observing and listening to the environment around and the others, my extreme sensibility and empathy have made me aware of my personal gifts to help, soothe, enlighten, reflect, empower and transform my own and other people's lives.


During my life journey, the latest years of profound reconnection with nature have deeply guided me into the studies of the self, the collective consciousness, and the diverse healing experiences that all of us can accomplish through inner listening and nature reconnection. Samauma is the queen of the Amazonian forest, the sacred tree, with more than 2000 years old, worshiped as the mother of Humanity. The Natives consider it "The Mother" of all trees. Its roots, called Sapobemba, are used in communication through the forest. Samauma Roots brings back the wisdom of the ancient forest to connect us with the higher self.















I am a qualified Family and Systemic Constellations Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner. I help to catalyse powerful changes for individuals, situations, schools, businesses, courts, etc. I provide coaching and support to any system or individual stuck on a personal, energetic or soul level.

My life experiences, my own healing path, and my commitment to my personal professional growth have allowed me to develop an exceptional eye for reading environments, relationships, individuals, physical bodies and energetic fields.

I support people in finding their inner strength, attracting happiness, success, love, health, and harmony into their lives.


Originally from Spain, Sofía has lived and traveled to many other countries in the past 16 years, encountering many experiences and closely working with people from all backgrounds, nationalities and physical and physiological abilities.

In 2016, she trained as a Shamanic practitioner with Simon Heather in the UK, and in 2017, she learned Vianna Stibal Theta Healing® techniques in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

In 2019, she has certified as a Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations by the Brazilian Institute of Clinic Constellations, taught by the experienced Cristiane Braga. In addition, from 2016 until 2019, she has taken part in Transformations and Mystery training (Family Constellations, Body Work and Shamanic Healing) with Petr Malek in the UK. She has assisted in Wales on 2016, to Constellations and Body Work workshops with Martina Rosemary and of Neo-shamanism and Shamanic Constellations with Samantha Libertá In Madrid, in the spring of 2019.

In 2017, Sofia has taken part in the studies of the sacred feminine with the Brazilian Moon tribe, Tribo da Lúa, and enriched her knowledge with Brazilian shamans. She has been part of a womb-healing circle in Bristol, from 2018, led by the 3 generations Healer, Rachel Rose.


She has experienced and grew personally through her own healing journey for more than 20 years taking part of diverse healing disciplines. This life path has brought her into the desire to offer her skills and gift for the healing of the others.

In addition, Sofía is a professional multidisciplinary artist, with her latest work being focused on her voice and musical career. Besides, she has many years of experience of close work with children and adults of a wide learning difficulties spectrum, providing her with an extraordinary understanding of the most vulnerable. Her love for nature and her practical organic horticultural skills have provided her with a deeply intuitive connection and trust in the profound healing power of Mother Earth.


Sofía is available to hold ceremonial fire rituals, provide personal life soul coaching support and empowering visioning sessions for individuals or groups. She is working on bringing the sacred feminine healing back to our communities and interested in any collaborations with this or other community educational soul and land healing projects. She is keen on organizing and promoting well-being, healing, holistic, land-based (agroforestry and biodynamic agriculture), music and movement multicultural courses or events in Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Brazil, and possibly other destinations. Do not hesitate to contact Sofía for any of those collaborations or to talk about new possible ideas and opportunities.


Sofía is gifted with an exceptional eye for reading environments and possesses a fine eye for understanding people’s issues at a personal, energetic and soul level. She is able to reflect back clearly what she is seeing, helping to catalyze powerful changes in individuals, situations, and even bring clarity to business, schools, courts, hospitals, universities and providing coaching support to anyone stuck with any issues.

She believes everyone has their own answers and solutions within themselves, so she is there to support others in finding their strength and power.


“We are all here to shine with our deepest and brightest light, that is, the best gift we can give to the world and ourselves. So, I find myself with a personal mission of supporting others and myself to shine as the gems stones of the best that we are.” Sofía Samauma.

Sofia Sequeiros, Energy Healer


Everything is exactly what it has to be. The mountains are there to remind us to Trust. Look at the rivers of wise waters. In this era of quick running shoes aiming for greener spaces, the most ancient spiritual practice in the existence of humanity is here to remind us of the self-healing and the self-knowledge. Everything reduces down to The Source of Everything That It Is, Mamãe Natureza, Mother Earth, Tunkanshila.


Contemporary Shamanic practices are a healing therapy that involves the practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness. This allows us to perceive and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.

Shamanic practices help to restore our innate personal power. They can help you to find peace and bring balance back into your life, rebuilding your natural protective personal power.

These healing techniques are rooted in some of the oldest spiritual practices all around the world. Shamanic practitioners use, amongst other techniques, a repetitive drumbeat to reach an altered state of consciousness.


What to expect in a session?

Shamanic healing is usually a relaxing meditative experience. It can be done in person or through distance healing. The duration of a session may vary, but it will usually take about 90 min.

We will start by asking you what has brought you to a session and then invite you to lie down comfortably. During the session I might use some drumming, rattling, chanting, blowing, smudging and use of crystals and stones. 

With the help of the Bigger Forces, we will work to bring back parts of your soul that need to be retrieved. We might help you to let go of unwanted and foreign energies, and support you to connect with your power animals. We will work wherever is needed to restore the healthy balance of your full self.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is one of the spiritual Shamanic Practices used in order to bring an individual who is suffering from soul loss back to wholeness, healing the energetic fragmentation of the Self.


Soul loss might originate from: abuse, prolonged pain or grief, addictions, out-of-body or near-death experiences, rejection, abandonment, accidents, seeing someone die unexpectedly, being in an unhealthy relationship, forced to act against your will, etc.

Soul retrieval will energise you and bring about feelings of grounding, clarity, reawakening, aliveness, belonging, wholeness, as well as better sleep, and health.

Whom is Shamanic Healing for and conditions worked with

Shamanic healing can help you if you have the sensation of not being present or if you have been feeling lost, wanting to be elsewhere or missing a part of yourself.

It could help you if you have been suffering any illnesses, fear, drug-alcohol abuse, separation, anxiety, depression, loss of a dear one, experiencing traumatic situations, or have a challenging relationship with someone.


Please do get in touch to discuss any personal enquires or book an appointment.


What are Family or Systemic Constellations?

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach that aims to bring to light what is hidden in family and interpersonal relationships. It is also called Systemic Constellations as not only families can be analysed, but other relationships systems, such as friends, co-workers, companies, or relationships to objects and subjects such as food, money, love, rejection, etc.

This method highlights the deep connection we have with our family in one or more generations. The Constellation brings to light the bonds of love and loyalty that may be entangled in our destinies.

Constellations make visible and emotionally noticeable, the roots of our issues and help us to positively transform them and our realities.

What to expect in a session

The constellations session could be done in a group, individually or online.  You will first present what issue needs to be looked at. You will then choose the representatives or objects to stand for the members or subjects involved, and place them intuitively in the space.

The strong force that bonds members of a family or any other systems, will guide the representatives to find harmony and resolution. This happens through movement, deep breathing and the use of conciliatory sentences. When you are ready to look into the problems in-depth, a solution then arises which usually brings a big sense of relief and deep understanding. Even if it is not your own constellation, when taking part in a group session, every participant usually experiences a deep benefit for their own personal healing.

Individual treatments and online formats are worked in a similar way. Instead of the physical representatives, the client and the therapist will use any type of objects, such as small dolls or anchor papers, or the client themselves will represent the characters who are taking part in the work. Individual constellations are as effective as group ones.

The duration of a session might vary, but it will usually take about 2 hours.

Conditions worked with

Systemic work is a powerful therapy which can help anyone feeling stuck in a life ruled by repetitive patterns and not living life to its fullest potential. It will help you to move forward and to break through stagnation and blockages.

It is for those who experience uneasy relationships in their families, in social, interpersonal, or professional circles, or for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or experiencing an illness or addiction. 

Constellations can transform and bring clarity to one's career, finances, health, relationships and empower you to step into your dreams.

Who are Constellations for?

Families, couples, individuals, children, businesses, schools, courts, hospitals, universities,..

Systemic work is for those who seek happiness, success, love, health, and harmony in their lives.

How often will I need treatment?

The frequency of the treatment depends on the issue brought, its scope, your readiness to look into your stuff and transform, within other factors. Usually in one session, if the client is ready to see, we will work through a whole subject of the presented issue and it will bring a big sense of relief and transformation.

For a harmonious life, Bert Hellinger - the father of Constellation Work - talks about bringing balance in all the relationships with our ancestors and family members. So it is always interesting to work with the father, mother and siblings lines, which can be done in a few sessions. Also, we can work through any specific matter that is holding you back, from relationship problems, unsuccessful business, to stopping smoking. All can be look at through systemic work.


Please do get in touch to discuss any personal enquires or book a session.



Theta Healing® connects us with the Source of Everything That It Is. With a short and profound meditation, we can place our consciousness in a Theta State. This is the same state that certain part of our dreaming cycles, the shamanic alter state of consciousness or the profound meditative state of hypnosis. In there, we can direct to the Source of Everything That It Is and our subconscious, where we hold a system of beliefs that conducts our lives.


Reviewing our belief system, we could find patterns, blockages or negative ways of thinking that we have been carrying as part of this body life, the collective consciousness or another soul life journeys. In the Theta State, we can look at them and transform those beliefs for the ones that will allow us to heal, move forward and make our life more powerful and fully enjoyed in its highest potential state. We create our own reality with how we think, and for that reason, ThetaHeling® is a powerful tool to manifest the greatest of our dreams.


Whom is Theta Healing® for?

Anyone could benefit from Theta Healing®. Together we could look into repeated patterns, illnesses, pains, relationships, fears, meeting spiritual guardians, money issues, career blockages, readings of the future..., and it is an incredible manifestation tool to bring into our lives what we want to be experiencing and attracting. All of it! It does not have any limitations, so everything is interrelated and intrinsically connected with each other. It goes beyond anything and everything could be questioned and reviewed to shift our life journey towards its highest potential. 


What to expect in a session?

Theta Healing® is a sitting session, lying down if needed, with usual hold hands. It could take place as a distance session too, through the use of the phone or Skype. Initially, we will discuss what you would like to look into. Through a small meditation to acquire the Theta State, we will proceed to communicate with The Source of Everything That It Is. Every subject will be openly talked and consented by the client. I will work within the theta state to find those beliefs and blockages that are limiting your life. Together we will get to the root of any issue that is brought to the session, and we will work to transform them into more positive beliefs.


Please do get in touch to discuss any personal enquires or book an appointment.



Harmonizing our energies through a process of intuitive listening and touch is a process carried out as a mix of gentle and deep pressure massage. The stuck energies will be redirected across and out of our bodies and energy fields, restoring the lost balance of the energetic flow. Some of those letting processes could be transformed into visual images in which we can see the root of the issue, pain, and discomfort that is being treated. Focusing on our inner deep breath, we will move together those uncomfortable stuck energies, as currents of light that move and transform leaving our bodies.


Who is Intuitive Energy Massage for?

Anyone who feels blockages of energy flow or pain in their bodies, who is suffering from any physical or emotional illness, or anyone who wishes to release any muscular tension, could benefit from an intuitive energy massage session.


What to expect in a session?

An intuitive energy massage could be performed in a standing, sitting or lying position, varying from each individual and the work needed to be done. Initially, we will discuss any thoughts or other requirements that the client bring. Often, the massage will be carried out keeping all the clothes on but could also be paired with massage oil over bare skin.


The massage will consist in light or deep touch massage techniques, and a mix of other diverse practices, such as Shamanic Healing, Theta Healing®, Family Constellations, Voice and Sound Healing or Light Energy Healing, that could be incorporated into the session. This massage is an evolving and growing personal and unique technique in a development state, so it is a donation basis service.


Please do get in touch to discuss any personal enquires or book an appointment.




“I am so grateful for the loving, intimate and beautifully creative way that Sofi held our space together and helped me process many issues at their core. She has a very special talent for energetic connection and for truly seeing the depths of where and who you are. I feel so much happier and lighter now; able to connect with the loved ones in my life without the same old triggering reaction patterns jeopardising my relationships. Thank you Sofi!” Sam, online Systemic Constellation.

“Sofia is a skillful professional, highly sensitive and owns a very strong presence. I had an online family constellation session with her and it was deeply transformative. I highly recommend her services!” Flavia Tibucheski, online Systemic Constellation.

"Sofia´s work is life-changing. She helped me to see and to understand issues in my family and guided me to bring love, forgiveness, and harmony back to all my relationships. I finally broke free from pain and suffering and abundance flows into my life. I can feel the power of my ancestors supporting me from behind and field of many opportunities in front. Thank you!

Sofia leads the constellations with immensely kind and loving energy and you can completely trust her. I can only recommend this work to everyone who wants to bring balance back to his life." Lenka, artist – Group Systemic Constellation.

"Sofia helped me to transform the relationship with my son. The constellation showed me clearly the patterns carried from my past and the relationship with my mom and its influence with my own family. From now on, I give myself the freedom and do not condition the love I give or receive by given up my will or denying what I enjoy, as I did on the past due to the fear of losing the others love. Thanks to Sofia for a sensitive approach, great leadership, connectivity and insights during the constellation." Sona, Group Systemic Constellation.

"I had a family constellation with Sofia recently and it completely blew me away. The work was extremely deep and powerful and helped me to understand a lot to do with my family and held patterns within it. With one session I was able to understand a deep block, stopping love from flowing within my family and I was able to let go - I can only imagine the power of a few sessions. I honestly believe Sofia to be one of the most naturally gifted and intuitive healers I have ever met - she has the ability to see exactly what is going for you at any time and is extremely perceptive and encourages authenticity which makes for great healing- she is a lovely and warm person who is really doing good in the world”, John Montgomery, Individual in-person Systemic Constellation.



Please do get in touch to discuss any personal enquiries, ideas, projects or book an appointment. Looking forward hearing from you.

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