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All rights reserved © Sofia Sequeiros 2017

I create due to an intrinsic necessity to express. Breath and expression move for me together. I believe everybody is an artist and I would like to expand this idea across cultures, abilities and communities. Expression is innate to the human condition, a way of communication, therapy and growth. I wish every human being could have the possibility to express their souls through any artistic discipline from singing, painting, growing food or dancing.


Music and dance were my earliest forms of communication. Later in life I explored Audio Visual Communication, Cinematography, Advertising, Publicity, Photography, Graphic Design, Video and Film both at university and over 16 years working in several companies in Spain, Sweden, Brazil and UK. Closely linked to this, I have been involved in developing my dance skills in Contemporary, Improvisation and Butoh performance, 

acquiring with them another extra level of comprehension in the creative process. 


Currently, along with gardening, painting, becoming a Shamanic and Theta Healer Practitioner and other disciplines, music is one of the biggest for me. It feels immense in my heart and feeds my soul so I am currently focusing on further developing my musical skills.


Alongside my artistic development, I have grown a deep passion to help people to express themselves through any artistic form. For the past few years I had worked supporting children and adults of all abilities, from mild to severe and complex learning difficulties, which has greatly fascinated me. Alongside with my communication work, I am presently persevering in developing my own musical skills in order to create community horticultural educational land based art and music healing project to open a space for everyone to learn, move and have a voice within an organic environment.


For any further comments, projects to be involved, consultations or services to hire, please feel free to contact me.

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